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There is no doubt that a gown that cuts a figure, in a studio or in itself, will be sitting better.

Besides, it’s a great opportunity to show off your creative abilities. You can feel a stylist and designer in one. But once a style of future clothing has been chosen, a towel has to be bought to complete its plan. The theme of this article will be from dress cloth: how to choose the right material?

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Her Majesty – The Dress!

Perhaps the most feminine and exquisite garment that highlights our figure. But do you know that, depending on what forms you have, you have to choose a suitable cut dress to hide any imperfections and show the best you have. And what is your shape and how to choose a dress with it?

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Figure “Pear”

If you are in the shape of Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Catherine Haggle, you are a Pear Shape. It is characterized by longer torso and shorter legs, narrow shoulders and broad hips. The best in your figure is your shoulders and your waist. That’s why it’s best to emphasize them by stopping a dress with bare shoulders and a very strong waist. To hide the broader hips, stop dressing with an A-shape that is free in the butt area and not further emphasize it. In addition, to maximize your legs to balance your torso, stop on a long-haired dress and do not miss the high heels.